Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Minecraft birthday

So, the birthday came and went, I think it was a big success. We had a bunch of kids, and I even got some adults to wear the masks I painted. It was a lot of fun.

I made a giant creeper out of cardboard boxes that I painted green and just stacked on top of each other. The kids were able to defeat him which gave them an outlet to use their swords and pick axes without hitting each other!  

The weapons I used a foam core poster board for the core and to lend a little bit of strength and rigidity. Then covered them with 2mm foam sheets and scored them for the pixelated look. 

Then I bought a bunch of card board boxes and using a ruler and pencil drew out the squares needed for the pixelated masks. 
Then it was just a matter of painting the different masks with the multitude of colors needed to give it a realistic minecraft look (well, as realistic as I could make it)
I made a deadlox, cow, witch, 2 creepers, 2 skeletons, a Steve, a Herobrine, 2 endermens, a pig, a villager and even a zombie pig man. 
Then I brought them all outside for the kids to pick their characters and weapons. 
Oh no!  There's a creeper next to the house!  
I even had an invasion of skeletons and creepers in the house!  Yikes!

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